By train and in silence

In partnership with the various players in the rail sector, SIMECA offers a wide range of skills and technical expertise. Whether thermal insulation, soundproofing, anti-vibration insulation, sealing or compartment parts in the carriages, SIMECA offers high-quality products and services that comply with the client’s specifications.

Our renowned skills working with materials and our capacity for innovation has enabled us to develop products to perform complex functions.

SIMECA is familiar with the specific requirements of rail standards: fire / smoke resistance (EN – 45 545), resistance to specific oils, frequency roll off, ageing etc.

Expertise at every level

Since each project is unique, SIMECA offers you a unique, functional and innovative response.

Whether standard elastomer materials (EPDM, nitrile, polychloroprene-neoprene®, butyl etc.) or specialist materials (silicon, FKM-Viton®, Fluorocarbon etc), SIMECA develops its materials using the right processes for each product.

Finally, SIMECA develops and tests your product on specific, customised test benches to guarantee product functions in real life scenarios.